Making my own NEET shirt

A day of boredom is a very common phenomenon in the life of a shut in and making your daily life as lively as possible is an every day challenge which always resulted in a very unproductive day but sometimes things do change and a miracle happens. Yes finally after three long years of cramming and procrastination I decided to make this cool shirt that I will be proud of whenever I go out at my house ( which I do rarely ) to show the world that I a freaking antisocial with my fucking dignity intact lol.

Here it is.. its a bit sloppy but its not bad for a beginner.


The preparation

Yep that’s all it takes to make a great shirt to be proud of.. and yes I use NEET cause its easy to cut manually and its the first thing that comes in my mind that time. All this effort resulted into this shirt.



Its my old shirt so its not in good condition and its only meant for testing. Oh well I did it and Im looking forward on making another one lol.