Abac a Maranun ( Early in the Morning )

This is an ancient song from my ancestor, My ancestor are Pampango or Kapampangan. I translated it myself but its not perfectly translated due to some words are very deep and very old that they are not use anymore nowadays. Here’s the original context and the translation.


Abac A Maranun

Abac a maranun
anyang akit daka
mamitbit kang payung
papuntang iskwela

larynan kung linapit
mekipayung keka
nga mu pang sinabi
pota mabasa ka

kabang lalakad ka
miagnan ka ta takbang
aru masdan muku
at maili naku man

nung balu mu sana
kanakung isipan
buri ku kanita
muran ena tuknang

detang keyang butit
masanting la tabas
bala mu pale lang
ume namu tikas

nung mag swekus kasa
kareng kule rosas
bala mu birhen ka
king banua menibat

i nyang misan a bengi
peninapan daka
ika ampo yaku
miagnan katang adwa

ing masalang bulan
aslagan na kata
lalam na ning balag
yang selilungan ta



English Translation

Early in the morning

Early in the morning
when I saw you
Carrying an Umbrella
Going to School

I intentionally approach you
Shared umbrella with you
you told me
I might get wet

While your walking
We step together
You’re looking at me
and I’m smiling

If you only knew
what I’m thinking
What I want that time
to rain endlessly

your legs
are in good proportion
they are like rice
they stand very well

If your gonna wear some slippers
those with color or roses
you’re like a virgin
in heaven you came from

There is this night
that I dream of you
you and I
we are together

The bright moon
is shining upon us
Below the shade
the we use for cover


The four corners of your room

It may sound boring staying in your room for a whole day but to tell you honestly you can be more productive while your at home than going outside doing some stuffs that you think productive.


You can do a lot of thinking and studying a bunch of stuffs while at home because you have all the time in the world to think and research. The outside world offers a lot of distraction that will lessen the productivity of your brain. Honestly speaking you can think more easily if your in a quite place but not only a quite place but a familiar and comfortable place where your soul rest and feel secured. They say that antisocial people are genius in a way that they think really different from other people in many different aspects and point of view. People think your doing endless routine if you stay at home but that’s a big lie because going outside or going to work is more of a worse routine because you tend to do the same thing over and over again without the freedom of learning new things and realizing new perspective. The conclusion is genius people needs more room for concentration that’s why they tend to isolate themselves.

Staying at home can keep you away from unnecessary situation like for example having to meet a bunch of  assholes and stupid people that you cant avoid eventually because they are everywhere. If you stay at home you can mind your own business and no one can mess with you. Isolation gives you the opportunity to avoid useless conversation that are compose of small talks and gossips that are relevantly useless. Having to stay at home gives you the chance to focus more on the important things that will give you more insights that you can use in the future.

Being a NEET means having less expectation from other people which is more beneficial because if you get less expectations then you get less responsibility and if you have less responsibility then you have a minimal chance of getting stressed or depressed. Most people think that antisocial people are lonely people. Well they are definitely wrong about that, because the outgoing person are the most loneliest person in this god forsaken world. The most sociable persons happiness depends on peoples appreciation and recognition that’s why they get easily frustrated when their dose of those things are not meant. There’s a big difference between being alone and being lonely. It’s rare for an antisocial people to get lonely because we treasure every moments with no distraction, no background movement, no responsibilities of all the things ahead of you and no hopes for the future.

Even if we reside in the four corners of our room, We get the most freedom.


The start of forever

So.. I manage to start a new NEET blog because I forgot the password of the other NEET blog which is mainly focused on anime reviews and stuffs but I have a different plan for this blog. I want this blog to serve as a global diary for all the NEET people in my community which is on facebook and I also want other NEET people around the world that will manage to reach this blog and share some of their thoughts here. I will be posting daily NEET news and stuffs about shut-in and maybe I will also post something that can entertain the viewers of this blog. I’m really determine to make my NEET life as comfortable and as productive as I can without ever going out of my room.


NEET’s are the best person you can ever meet in your life but they don’t go out in their rooms so that would be impossible, that’s why they always say “the world hides all the good things”.


-NEET admin