Weird Hobby

I’m an antisocial to begin with and there’s tons of difficulties that I’m experiencing when I’m about to engage into somehow necessary engagement with people like for example going to the supermarket because mainly I run out of supply for the following days and I can’t afford to sacrifice a whole week of comfortable life in my house by just getting annoyed going out and making unnecessary interactions with people whom I care less. So I don’t really have a choice but to go out there and make things happen, So upon doing this in a rare but regular basis, I developed a hobby that is not common to other people because to be honest it’s kind a weird and gives you the bad feeling if you are a normally functioning human being. I usually analyze people base on the actions and by the words they utter and I make a profile of every person I met in my mind palace and I use it as reference on judging another person by actually comparing verbal and physical significance on both individual which leads me on labeling all people with the same characteristic with other people without really getting to know more about that person. I really can’t stop myself on doing this because I love observing people on how they react on a certain situation and also I have this bad habit of always waiting for a certain person to make a mistake and how he will cope on that situation. Well base on my observation normal humans usually behave the same way as other human which fairly reasonable. Those people who talks a lot are more capable of getting embarrassed because their mouth moves faster than their tiny brain which makes them vulnerable to criticism. In the other hand quite people gets less criticism in a way that they utter less word that will make them vulnerable to other people, they choose their words and action very carefully to prevent unnecessary situation but they tend to see these people as the boring ones and that’s their only vulnerability which don’t really bothers them. There are also those silent psychopath that loves to toy with people by simply causing some triggers to put someone on a tight situation or simply instigating a fight without really getting involved so much on it or it can be describe as starting a flame and putting fuel on it to make it burn aggressively without being accused for doing such thing. Well I just kept on complicating everything that is around me and that makes my own life complicated but worth living.



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