How I Spend my Weekend

I wrote this article 3 years ago and everything that I wrote is a BIG LIE.

How do you usually spend your weekend? What is the first thing that comes in your mind when weekend is coming? These are some question that everybody might be thinking and asking themselves. Well to begin with, I’m gonna tell you how do I usually spend my weekend . The first thing do is to ask some of my friend to go out and something else, that’s the usuall thing we do but not frequently because some of my friend have their own plans on weekends and that includes my own plans too. Going out for a dinner with friends comes only twice a month because we usually drink beer instead of eating.

I spend most of the time on staying at home because my girlfriend usually visit me at home or its me that is going to his place to visit and watch movie all day. Sometimes we go out for a date on a weekend, we usually go to the mall for a walk and having some romantic dinner and then we go home. If your gonna ask me its better to spend your weekend on home together with your loves ones, because thats the main purpose of weekend, spending time with your love one’s and the most important thing is taking some good rest because you spend almost fives days of non stop work and you need to treat your self a nice food and a good rest.

Spending weekend for other people might be different on how I spend my weekend. Some people find it relaxing when they go out for a party and having some good beer with friends. I usually do that too when I’m still young, wild and free. Weekend is intended for resting for most people that are so busy with their work, that goes for me now because I’m too busy working that I’m craving for the weekends to come so that I can relax and rest the whole day. Spending a weekend sleeping is priceless.


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