Story of an Hikikomori

So I’m a hikikmori neet; though I do tend to venture out occasionally as a few things like groceries I’d rather not order online, and the current apt. I’m in doesn’t have a laundry room -__-

I’ve been “diagnosed” with a slew of mental issues/problems since an early age; some of the most notable are aspergers, BPD, and acute visual schizophrenia.

This led to even at one point when I was 17 being locked-up in a behavior medical center for a year; before coming to the conclusion that (regardless of my initial issues and then them labeling me as a borderline psychotic to boot) it was cheaper to pay me disability and let me live on the outside then continue to imprison/overly-drug/contain me.

Being sent there was probably in large part due to the H.S. I was in at the time ordering a psych eval. likely or at least partially in thanks to the fact I stopped verbally communicating in any fashion (went mute) in my junior year.

As such I’ve been keeping on as such through the present and likely until I pass on (which oddly enough for some reason since I was very little I have always though would happen when I was 50)

I’m currently 23 and spend roughly 10 hrs online, and (generally) about an equal 10 sleeping; all and all I thought I would just give a brief overview of myself and give greetings to all in the page

May everlasting content and serenity find you all,

By: Daryl Grove



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